Terock offer following Services:
1.  PWS(Production Worthy Status)
2.  BEM(Blast Event Management)
3.  AMS(Asset Management  Services)
4.  EPC(Engineering, Procurement  and Construction)
5.  ITES(Information Technology  Enabled Services)
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Using Software Tools for Quarrying
Terock K50 Analysis Service:
K50 Introduction:
Actual measurements of fragmentation are done using the edge technique to analyze photographs or video of a blast to determine the actual size distribution. The K50 analysis technique does provide a good overall assessment of the blast fragmentation. When photographs or video are taken at different times during the digging of the blasted rock a good idea of the degree of fragmentation throughout the blast can be obtained.
Better predictive techniques have been developed, and computer aided methods for determining the fragmentation distributions in actual blasts. Terock under ITES provides K50 analysis services using well-known software tools (e.g. Wipfrag or equivalent system) and delivers fragmentation analysis reports from offshore. It is now well-established facts that fragmentation study leads to reduced capital and operating cost, thus improved profits at many operations.
Terock K50 Analysis Process:
Inputs from Client:
  • Photographs or video of Blast at various excavation levels such as 100%, 75%, 50% 25% are received from client via dedicated and secured internet communication to Terock (24 x 7) K50 analysis lab facility in India.
Processing by Terock:
  • Photographs or video are received at Terock 24 x 7 lab facility in India
  • Study of photos or video by experts and comments, if any
  • K50 analysis by software tool by Terock,
  • Compilation of K50 analysis data,
  • K50 Report preparation (as per client or approved format).
Process Deliverables:
  • K50 analysis Reports and graphs are sent to Client within 12 hours.
  • Analysis undertaken for next blast / inputs
Features and Benefits:
  • Efficient and accurate analysis
  • Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable analysts
  • Substantial Cost reduction for k50 analysis
  • Faster output (time difference is key to save analysis time)
  • Use of latest software tools (e.g. Wipfrag or equivalent system)
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