Terock offer following Services:
1.  PWS(Production Worthy Status)
2.  BEM(Blast Event Management)
3.  AMS(Asset Management  Services)
4.  EPC(Engineering, Procurement  and Construction)
5.  ITES(Information Technology  Enabled Services)
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BEM Process:
Terock believes that in quarry business, the maximum profitability depends largely on good blasting which depends largely on best drilling design. Both of these criteria have been incorporated into Terock’s Blast Event Management process (Annexure – II). Further, Terock BEM takes into account standardised global working practices, a good approach to safety and ensures statutory compliances; thus leading to high success ratio of optimum fragmentation. Thus, Terock’s high success ratio of optimum fragmentation is due to very carefully designed BEM process wherein design of each blast – as a part of overall quarry / mine plan – forms an integral part of the process. We follow rigorous guidelines in Terock designs, and when accurately implemented in the field – such as the blasts must be shot in a safe manner, with the area properly barricaded and all persons removed at a safe distance away - the environmental effects, e.g. ground vibration, noise of air-blast and dust - fume production, are within allowable limits or controlled.
BEM Features:
  • Statutory and Safety Considerations and compliances
  • Optimum Blast Design
     Face preparation,
     Drilling hole size and design
     Explosives optimisation for good fragmentation
  • Measurement of necessary blast parameters by Instrumentation during
     Pre Blast
     During Blast (video shooting, safe way to shot blast, proper barricaded are, all persons safe distance away)
     Post Blast (photos / video ,ground vibration, noise level, dust / fume production)
  • K50 Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Periodic Updating of Mine plan
BEM Benefits
  • Safe blast from statutory, environment and human habitant
  • Good and uniform fragmentation evaluation by K50 analysis,
  • Cost effective blast
  • Consistency and uniformity in production - Continuous feed to crusher plant
  • Build up of knowledge base.
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